At American Cannabis Consultants Dr. William Courtney has seen over 8,000 patients whose diverse medical conditions have provided him with an education that has driven him to understand how a raw diet interacts with every cell of the body. If you are interested in a consultation he cannot give specific medical advice but can speak in general about the experience he has had with others with similar conditions.

Who knew that in 2019 North Americans would hear about marijuana, cannabis, hemp, and CBD on a daily basis? He prepared for this day by educating himself about the healing plant and its cannabinoids and co-created an online cannabis education program. With nearly three-quarters of the US and other countries approving medical marijuana, creating a niche for cannabis services and brands is of paramount importance.


Dr. William Courtney, MD.

Consultations are available by appointment. We can discuss your use of Dietary Cannabis for health and well-being, and other questions live via telephone or Skype.

You can also Renew your Script if you are already a client.

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